You’re dividing Singaporeans instead of uniting us!

One of the more common crap I hear, related to the “We’re all human/ Singaporean!” and “Why must you talk about race?” is this one.

“Some people complain that those who work for social change are being ‘divisive’ when they draw attention to oppressive systems organized around one form of privilege or another. But when members of dominant groups mark differences by excluding or discriminating against subordinate groups and treating them as ‘other’, they aren’t accused of being divisive. Usually it’s only when someone calls attention to how differences are used as a basis of privilege that the claim of divisiveness comes up.”

Allan G.Johnson


Do not be silent

Whenever we talk about our oppression, Chinese people WILL tell you to shut up. They’ll do it in nice ways sometimes (why race? why can’t we all just be Singaporean?). Sometimes they’ll do it by trying to tell you what their experience is instead. (I felt it when I was in Australia!) Sometimes they’ll outright tell you to shut the fuck up. DO NOT. Do not be cowed. Do not feel alone. If you don’t keep saying it, they will say it doesn’t exist. And they will use your silence to prove they are correct.


“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”

Zora Neale Hurston