Why are you reacting this way?

Sometimes you can’t take it. The frustration, the anger, it all boils over. You yell/ scream/ call them names. They jump on this. They say you are emotional, violent, too sensitive. They say you making statements about Chinese racism is generalization, that you are racist. They will ask why are you reacting this way? Don’t ever feel bad about it.

You say…

“Usually the Malay/Indian “racist” has been produced by the Chinese racist. In most cases where you see it, it is the reaction to Chinese racism, and if you analyze it closely, it’s not really minority racism.

If we react to Chinese racism with a violent reaction, to me that’s not Malay/Indian racism. If you come to abuse me, humiliate me, take away my rights, and I yell at you for it, to me that’s not racism. Yours is racism, but my reaction has nothing to do with racism. My reaction is the reaction of a human being, reacting to defend himself and protect himself. ”

— (Adapted from) Malcolm X

But you’re racist too!

Sometimes they have no choice. They know they are racist, that we live in a racist society and that they are participating in and perpetuating it. They will then turn the tables on you and say “You said (insert whatever). You’re racist too!” This is stupid. There is no such thing as Reverse Racism.

You say…

“In the instances when Indians/Malays say things like ‘Oh I can’t stand Chinese people’ or ‘Damn Chinese people’, they aren’t saying ‘Oh I think they are inferior, I want to humiliate them, abuse them, wipe out their people and generally treat them like shit!’, they’re saying ‘Damn, after many many decades of Chinese people thinking I’m inferior, humiliating me, abusing me, trying to wipe out my people, and generally treating me like shit, I don’t wanna deal with them.’ The context is completely different.”