The “Everything is Me” version of Chinese Tears

So when you talk about racism in Singapore, Chinese people get really upset. There’s lots of reasons why. Today you shall get just the first of many.

This one is easy. These are the people for whom everything revolves around them. They have no idea there is racism because they haven’t ever felt it. The Chinese Supremacist dialogue is the only one they’ve ever been involved in and when they are confronted with a discourse that doesn’t put them front and centre, the lose their minds. It’s just completely jarring to hear that the reality you’ve been living in isn’t real.

And so you’ll get this.

“me! me! me! what about ME!!! This isn’t about me and everything is usually about me but consider ME! Here’s something you didn’t consider— ME!”

Usually it’ll come in the following format.

” But many Chinese people are poor you know? There are many Chinese people who don’t go to university. Consider how the elite people treat us so badly! Here’s something you didn’t consider-that lower class Chinese people are just as disadvantaged.

Sigh, shake your head and walk away. These people aren’t ready for even the smallest amount of truth. You gotta let this one go.