For the Indians/ Malay racism denialists

Sometimes it’s not the Chinese. Sometimes it’s our very own people. The liberal elite class who have bought into the majority discourse so much/ so badly want to be accepted that they only date Chinese girls and learn Mandarin. You know them; the ones who say  “I’m a member of x group and I’m not offended” when you point out racism.

You say….

“You not being offended doesn’t mean that you’re right and the other person is wrong. Not being bothered by something is not a right or wrong issue. It only tells me something about you.

It could just mean you’re particularly oblivious and lack understanding or context. It could mean that you’ve bought into a subordinate position demanded of you by belonging to a marginalized group. It could mean that you’re just childish and naive and believe that little things don’t tie into bigger things (they always do). Just realize you’re not special by saying this.

Not to mention, even if you are a member of X group, you’re still talking over and thereby trivializing and disrespecting the experiences and feelings of other people; you’re not contributing to the discussion, you’re derailing it, which indeed says a lot about you: “the expression of my irrelevant opinion is more important than your voice and expression of pain and concern.”


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